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Ayala Katz has an extraordinary vision of creating bio- diverse indigenous walkways and planting a million and eight trees during her lifetime. Her intention is to create a spiritual and environmental pilgrimage in the Western Cape. This first phase consists of a 108 kilometre walking trail stretching from Caledon Village in the Overberg through Platbos forest and beyond. This is a trail where people can safely walk through the wilderness and benefit from the healing and contemplation that nature brings. Part and parcel of the journey is to plant trees in the forest and surrounding area.


“The idea is inspired by the ‘Camino de Santiago’ in Spain, but we live in Africa, so this will have a uniquely different way of unfolding.” says Ayala.

The corridors are along railway lines, service roads, secondary and public roads and through private farms. It’s a beautiful stretch of the countryside with immense floral biodiversity, coastal thickets and cultivated fields. During Spring you get to see the full spendour of our diverse floral kingdom.

Each pilgrim is required to acquire a passport from the Mayors office, where they get it stamped and pay a donation. Part of this payment goes towards the twenty thousand trees needed to finish foresting Platbos, rehabilitate the walk-ways and clear alien vegetation.

It also contributes towards a roaming vehicle to carry tents, assist pilgrims and carry necessary items. Food, accommodation and provisions, are provided by the local community, along the way. The route is be clearly marked and easy to follow.

Be inspired ! Click on the audio link  for a 6 min audio /slideshow of the

PEACE TREE PILGRIMAGE presented by Ayala at Petcha Kutcha

Click on the map to see the walking route:

Klein Sandfontein to Platbos




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