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"Hey all you Adventurous, Spiritual Joyful, Playful souls! 

I'm excited to announce the 2017 Peace tree Pilgrimage will begin at Kleinsandfontein on the 12th March 2017 and we will be walking into the Platbos Reforest Festival on the 17th March 2017 where will be joining the amazing GREENPOP family to plant as many trees as humanely possible, dance and play and be inspired!"


If you are fit, able to walk at least 20km a day for five days, although very slowly I might add, about eight hours of glorious walking a day, with lots of Chai, Eating, Yoga and Siesta breaks and of course Playing!  This is for you!  If you are passionate about the Environment, want to identify some of the wonders along the way,  visit and meet some interesting locals doing things off-grid, discover at least three hidden Indigenous forests , walk a Labyrinth, Plant, Plant, Plant..... Trees..... learn about Recycling and a lot of walking, time to contemplate your navel, then this is definitely for you.


If you are competitive, in a hurry, scared of getting dirty, used to eating red meat everyday, dislike people and don't like a challenge,  then this is probably not the thing for you!


Your investment of R2500 includes the following: (concessions/trade or talent exchange on request)


  • A back-up vehicle to carry your snacks, tents and extra stuff during the five day walk

  • All Permits through Private farm-land and Reserves

  • Whatever amenities available where we camp, we don't always have running water or a shower, eish!

  • One night shared accommodation at Witkrans Nature Reserve/discover two more secret forests

  • Tea, Coffee, Boere-biskuit and fresh fruit for breakfast

  • 5 Simple wholesome evening meals

  • Various surprise activities along the way

  • Your ticket to the Reforest Festival from the 17th March to the 19th March 2017

  • (Organic and vegetarian food is available to purchase at the festival, no cooking is allowed.

  • All workshops, Yoga, live-music, amenities at the tented camp

  • As many trees as we can plant!

  • A shuttle to take you back to your cars at Kleinsandfontein


Click on the map to the right or go to:

We will be walking from Klein Sandfontein to Platbos.




12th March Sunday from 11am Orientation, Meet and Greet, Set up camp.  4 to 7.30pm a gentle walk up the Swartberg.

A delicious communal meal with some locals and hear all about why this projects is so vital to the SWARTBERG 

13th March Monday - Yoga, meditation.  A 25km, hard days walk to the village of Tesselaarsdal through Mono-culture.  Set up camp and share a delicious meal at the Posthouse Restaurant

14th March Tues - 11km, a magnificent walk through pristine mountainscapes and the exploration of ancient rock paintings,  glamping in the evening at Phillipskop guest house, with communal cook up

15th March Wednesday - 20km, a quick coffee and stock up at the Cheese Farm and Deli.  Then a long road arriving at Little Brown Stone Farm to be hosted by the welcoming home of Fiona and Jimmy Baxter.  A family living self-sustainably.

16th March Thursday - 13km, discovering the diversity of the area and meet a family living off grid as we cross the magical mountains to camp at Flower Valley Conservation Trust.

17th Friday - 10km, once more the delight of pristine fynbos as we explore Grootbos Nature reserve walking through two forests before arriving at Platbos, the southernmost Indigenous Forest and the GREENPOP Reforest festival. Friends may join us for the walk-in to the FESTIVAL  a walk through the Labrynth and THE TREEVOLUTION BEGINS!

19TH PLAY AND PLANT  Shuttle arrives at 2pm to take us back to Kleinsandfontein

(Please note that this route is subject to change)


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