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Deep Gratitude to the following people for gifting this planet with a legacy for future generations

Sanlie Prinsloo        Mark Wellens

Thys de Villiers        Claire Newcombe

Geoff Dalglish          Liza Karp

Beverly Bordalo       Ilsa Taylor

Avril Powrie              Amir Karp

Tammy Powrie         Mike Nash

Bruce Powrie                  

David Gwynne Evans

Fran Siebrits

Martie Koegelenberg

Sam van Straaten

Brian Segal

Michaela O' Driscoll

Senait Mekkonen

Barbara Lindenberg

Linda Niehaus

Oom Piet

Rainer Jansen

Helen de Roubaix

Olivia Gibbs

Paula Luckhoff

Thank you to the following collaborators and sponsors of the Peace Tree Pilgrimage. Please click on the logos below to find out more about these companies and organisations.

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