Newsflash ! We have acquired official PBO (Public Benefit Organisation) status

We are delighted to announce that the Peace Tree Pilgrimage has moved to another level. We have acquired official PBO status by joining forces with CASABIO, under the auspices of Dr David Gwynne-Evans. CASABIO will be responsible for documenting all the flora and fauna found along the way. They will also be advising Alien Clearing on the Southern slopes of the Swartberg in Caledon, and all the stuff us creative people hate doing, like admin.

Ayala Katz is the Creator of the PTP Manifesto and is our project manager and route planner Beverly Bardallo, our bursar, walking power-house behind huge operations at WASTEMART, who have currently been instrumental in a Ground-breaking waste-to-energy plant which has opened in Cape town, will be holding the reign making sure the Vision becomes a reality. A serious force to be reckoned with, our benefactors will be PLATBOS who will be supplying us with trees from their prolific nursery.

SWARTBERG CONSERVANCY who will be undertaking the hugest task of clearing alien from the Southern slopes of the Swartberg with the generous guidance of LANDCARE and the maestro behind the scenes Eslin Wentzel. Let us not forget the support and co-operation of all fourteen of the land-owners involved is all happening as we do our final recce into the Platbos reforest festival 2017 from the 12th-19th March.

Should you wish to be part of this Pioneering journey please contact Ayala at or check out our webpage