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Amathola Trek - Away with the Faeries

Magic Circles in the Forest

Mid December, I was collected on the farm, Caledon Kleinsandfontein, in a van by the HPAC crew and the adventure of a lifetime begun. After a long very noisey road trip we arrived at the "Away with the Fairies, Hogsback" for the night and the following morning we made our way into the Magical forests of the Amathole Mountain range. The days were long and the terrein very difficult, steep ascents and inclines, slippery muddy paths and narrow precipices,

Contemplation in the forest


Alive with colourful wonders

Steep precipices into a dark canyon below and back into the forest

walking for hours in the dark and having to use ropes to venture over the raging rivers. We experienced vast open grasslands, more spectacular waterfalls than one could imagine, the tallest magical trees with branches mossy and twisted around ancient trees, mirroring DNA strands. Huge Ironwood trees wrapped around each other like lovers who had been together for thousands of years. Greens of every tone day-glow and bright. Walking through torrential Monsoon rains significant to this forest, we warmed our tired bodies around fires, shared so much laughter and closeness that only a special walk like this could manifest.

A trust that each step was a mindful one and each moment required your presence. After six days it was impossible to ever be the same again. Our hearts full, our bodies revitalised, our minds clear and bright! Blessed in the gratitude of being able to witness the magnificence of the Mother who graciously shares her open heart. Thank you to each and everyone who made this all safe and possible. Thank you Hikers Paradise Adventure Club. -

Sending you all magical love circles from the magical forest! May you all have a blessed festive season and a wonderful abundant glorious New vision of our country and all the sentient beings that require our care!

A Secret gateway into another Universe

The most waterfalls of any walk in South Africa

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